Conni - Das Zirkus-Musical

Sat, 05.02.2022

Wiener Stadthalle, Hall F

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Cocomico Theater presents exclusively: "Conni - Das Zirkus-Musical!"

Musical by Marcell and Tiffany Gödde
Director: Tiffany Gödde
The Conni books from Carlsen Verlag live on tour!

"Conni - Das Zirkus-Musical!": The join-in musical production! From 3 years.
Duration: approx. 110 minutes incl. break

The Cocomico-Musical "Conni - Das Zirkus-Musical!" goes on big tour!
Conni has something very special planned for the weekend: Together with her friends Julia and Simon a big circus performance is planned in the KiTa, before that they will stay overnight there. But before the performance, a lot of things go wrong, and even Conni's parents have to step in for the circus performance. And what role does Conni's tomcat Mau play in saving the great event?


  • Sat, 05.02.20222:00 pm
    Wiener Stadthalle, Hall FWien


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